Produce stretch film rolls of high quality which are used in product packaging and pallet and excel to produce any particular specification is being requested Where we produce micron starts from 17 microns to 40 microns and also produce sizes starting from 5 cm to 100 cm   Shrink film are manufactured and as used in the packaging of food products, mineral water, canned food, and the pallet using either a thermal furnaces or manually starts from size 10 cm and a thickness of 40 microns begins   Plastic bags are manufactured of high-density and low-density whether used in industrial processes or food with high quality in raw materials or in the manufacturing process where we produce bags start from size 10 cm for the high-density and low-density starts from 15 micron high density and 30-micron low-density whether printed or not printed
    Plastic rolls are manufactured low density whether printed or not printed it is used in covers and as bushings are used to work for the fish farms    
It is used in the closure of containers and packaging and width starts from 2.5 cm thickness of 38 microns different lengths starting from 50 meters to reel   Used in paint spraying operations and all kinds of display and starts 1.5 cm to 25 cm   It is manufactured for the spending and greenhouses of all sizes and all thicknesses
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