Low & High-density plastic rolls

Polyethylene film, available in high or low density variants, is a plastic packaging material widely employed across diverse industrial sectors to safeguard goods against damage or contamination. It also finds application in agriculture, construction, printing, and food packaging.


Low & High-density plastic rolls are our specialty at Pack House Egypt. We specialize in the production of low-density and high-density polyethylene (LDPE-HDPE) rolls, meticulously tailored to meet the unique requirements of a wide range of sectors. Additionally, our expertise extends to providing customized solutions, ensuring optimal performance in industries such as agriculture, construction, printing, and food packaging. Our commitment to quality and flexibility makes us a preferred choice for businesses seeking reliable and adaptable plastic roll solutions.”


Low & High-density plastic rolls


Versatile Plastic Solutions for Multiple Sectors

Pack House Egypt produces Low & High-density plastic rolls, and these rolls play a pivotal role in ensuring the safety and performance of industrial products. These versatile rolls effectively shield a wide range of external factors, including moisture, dust, and contaminants, from affecting goods. Moreover, they actively contribute to improving environmental conditions in agriculture by assisting in crop protection and soil management. Additionally, in the construction and architectural domains, our rolls actively provide reliable insulation, actively maintaining optimal temperature and moisture levels for building projects. With our commitment to quality and innovation, our plastic rolls actively serve as valuable assets across diverse industries.

Low density plastic rolls








The agricultural sector: LDPE – HDPE rolls are used to create plastic houses for protected agriculture. LDPE – HDPE rolls help improve the environmental conditions surrounding the crops, increasing their yield and quality. They also reduce the risk of pests, diseases, and frost.


 plastic rolls







Versatile LDPE-HDPE Rolls in Construction

“In the construction and architectural sector, LDPE-HDPE Low & High-density plastic rolls play a significant and active role. Furthermore, various applications extensively utilize these rolls to actively cover and line buildings and pools, delivering a versatile and effective solution for diverse needs. Whether it’s for thermal insulation, moisture protection, or decorative purposes, LDPE-HDPE coils actively provide an attractive and functional solution. Additionally, they actively contribute to preserving soil safety and actively maintaining the cleanliness of water sources. Their adaptability and durability actively render them indispensable in architectural and construction applications, actively enhancing both functionality and aesthetics.”


As a company, we prioritize product quality, leverage advanced technologies, and strive to meet customer requirements, aiming for excellence in all aspects of our operations.

Product Description

Material: PE
Usage: Packaging Film
Application:  Various fields
Feature: Moisture proof
Processing: Blow Molding
Certificates: IS09001:2015, IS022000
Environmental protection:
Clear, Green, Yellow, Red, Blue,
etc. non-toxic
Thickness: 40mic〜200mic, Customized
Width: 500mm-4000mm, Customized
Weight(G.W.): Customized
Length: Customized: Customized
Paper Core: 3 inch

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