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Manual stretch film, which is also commonly known as pallet wrap or stretch film, is a durable plastic film specifically designed for the securement of objects, especially those positioned on pallets. Its elastic properties grant it the ability to adeptly fasten items, stabilize pallets, and establish cohesive unit loads.


Transparent Wrapping Plastic manual Stretch Film Roll Pe Self Adhesive Clear Stretch Protective Film

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Manual stretch film rolls

we provide manual stretch film rolls that require no specialized equipment for use. These rolls are lightweight, generally weighing between three to five kilograms, depending on our customers’ specific needs. Moreover, our range of rolls comes in a variety of colors and thicknesses, ranging from 17 to 35 microns.

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Essential details

Industrial Use:  Packaging Film                                        Material: PE

Type: Stretch Film                                                                     Usage: Packaging Film

Feature:  Moisture Proof                                                        Processing Type:Casting         

Hardness: Soft & Smooth                                                      Transparency: Transparent

Place of Origin:  Egypt                                                         Brand Name: Pack House / OEM

Color: Transparent & Colors                                                 Product Name: Hand Plastic Film

Size: 10cm -150cm (made as requirement)                       Grade:  Hand grade

Thickness: 12mic-40mic (made as requirement)           Packing:  Wrapping Or Boxs

stretch wrap

Product Description


For maximum efficiency, our stretch film is designed with high performance and environmental sensitivity in mind. It is also exceptionally easy to use, as it’s crafted to easily cling to and stretch around your goods. Moreover, it boasts good self-adhesive qualities, excellent retraction capabilities, and is entirely non-toxic. Additionally, it’s tear and puncture resistant, providing robust protection against water, dust, and moisture. Whether you need to secure a pallet, load goods onto a container for transportation, or wrap items of varying sizes, it’s the ideal choice. What’s more, it offers cost savings, is economical, labor-saving, and effortless to both apply and remove.

Stretch Film Introduction

Elastic film, also known as stretch film, possesses inherent self-adhesive qualities. This plastic film is designed with adhesive and stretch capabilities on one or both sides, allowing it to firmly bind itself to the items it wraps. Importantly, it’s worth noting that this self-adhesive film doesn’t attach itself to the surfaces of the wrapped objects. Instead, its adhesive properties are exclusively limited to the film’s surface. Essentially, this signifies that it securely adheres to the film itself, avoiding any unwanted sticking to the wrapped articles.

Material: PE
Type: Stretch Film
Usage: Packaging Film
Prevent any potential damage
Moisture proof
Hardness: Soft
Processing: Multiple Extrusion
Certificates: IS09001:2015, IS022000
Environmental protection:
Clear, Green, Yellow, Red, Blue,
etc. non-toxic
Thickness: 12mic〜40mic, Customized
Width: 10mm-500mm, Customized
Weight(G.W.): 1〜5kg,Customized
Length: Customized: Customized
Elongation at break: 150%-300%
Tear strength: High
Paper Core: 2 inch
Paper Core Weight: 0.25kg〜.75kg
Packing: Boxs

Supply Ability

Supply Ability     1000 Ton/Tons per Month

To better ensure the safety of your goods, professional, environmentally friendly, convenient and efficient packaging services will be provided.

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