plastic bags Low,high density

Plastic bags are highly versatile and convenient packaging materials widely utilized across industrial and commercial sectors. They play a crucial role in preserving the hygiene and quality of raw materials and finished products, simplifying transportation and distribution processes within factories and between sellers and buyers. Pack House offers a comprehensive plastic bag manufacturing service, adhering to high-quality standards. Our range includes low-density plastic bags with a minimum width of 15 cm and a minimum thickness of 30 microns, as well as high-density plastic bags with a minimum width of 20 cm and a minimum thickness of 40 microns, ensuring we can meet the diverse needs of our customers.


Plastic bags, commonly preferred in a wide array of industries, play a pivotal role in upholding the purity and quality of both raw materials and finished products. Furthermore, they expedite the seamless transfer of goods within factories and foster efficient distribution between suppliers and consumers

plastic bags low plastic bags

Low and High-Density Plastic Bags: Your Quality Solution

At Pack House, we take pride in offering our customers a manufacturing service that exemplifies exceptional quality. Our product range includes low-density plastic bags, boasting a minimum width of 15 cm and a minimum thickness of 30 microns. Additionally, we provide high-density plastic bags, with a minimum width of 20 cm and a minimum thickness of 40 microns. These comprehensive options cater to the wide spectrum of requirements our customers have.

plastic bags plastic bags high


Pack House: Your Partner for Quality Plastic Bag Solutions

Opting for plastic bags ensures both product integrity and operational efficiency. Whether you’re safeguarding materials, streamlining distribution, or strengthening customer connections, rest assured that Pack House provides top-tier solutions. Our commitment to excellence ensures we continually meet your evolving needs.

When it comes to sourcing top-quality packaging materials, remember that Pack House consistently stands out as the best choice, offering a wide range of reliable and innovative solutions to meet your needs.

Product Description

Product Name High quality customized PE plastic bags
Brand Name Pack House / OEM
Production Mode Blowing
Plastic Type PE/HDPE/LDPE
Logo Accept Customized Logo wiht 4 colors
Certificate IS09001:2015, IS022000
Color Clear or Solid Color
Weight 100-2000mm
Length 100-2000mm
Usage Industrial and food production, furniture, machinery and hardware spare parts
Thickness 25-250microns
Feature Large size, customized size, thickness, high transparency,  Waterproof and dustproof, strong toughness, tear resistance, durable and practical

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