Tubular netting

PE mesh bags are frequently used to pack fruits and special items. At Pack House, we provide a wide range of woven mesh bags in different colors and sizes. These bags are light but very strong, making them great for packing various products. Our polypropylene woven mesh bags are made to offer excellent packaging solutions.


Tubular netting, a kind of netting made by extrusion, is widely used for packaging items like fruits, vegetables, firewood, and toys. To make it, skilled workers weave plastic threads, creating a tubular shape that’s easy to cut and seal. This adaptability results in bags of various sizes and styles, improving its usefulness.

Tubular netting For vegetables    Tubular netting For fruits

Tubular netting

Furthermore, tubular netting has many benefits, which make it crucial in agriculture, industry, homes, and leisure. Its strength and flexibility make it a great option for packing products, keeping them safe during transport and storage. Its outstanding air circulation and visibility make it stand out, enabling easy checks and reducing spoilage.

Tubular netting

Besides protecting items, tubular netting also supports eco-friendly practices by being reusable, reducing waste. This netting is light and easy to use, making packaging simpler and cutting labor expenses.

Tubular netting                   Tubular netting represents

New and advanced in packaging technology, it meets functional needs and makes products look better, appealing to customers. Its ability to work with various product types and sizes highlights its versatility and wide use in the market.


Our soft and flexible tube-shaped netting is great for packing produce such as onions, oranges, and other fruits and veggies. It provides excellent air circulation and visibility when storing. You can easily measure and cut the netting to your preferred size, making it convenient and versatile for packaging. It keeps your products safe while offering easy access and visibility, making it a preferred choice for various industries, including agriculture and retail. This netting, with its exceptional features, improves the efficiency of storing and transporting your goods, reducing spoilage and maintaining product quality.

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