Automatic Stretch

Automatic stretch film is utilized to wrap and safeguard pallet loads, providing flexibility, durability, and resilience against damage, adverse weather conditions, and dirt. Machinery can assist in streamlining the wrapping process.

Manual Stretch

It is a durable plastic film that can be effortlessly stretched around various objects, particularly those placed on a pallet. The wrap’s elasticity enable it to securely bind the items, ensuring stability and proper alignment of the palletized goods.

Shrink Film

This group packaging material undergoes shrinkage at around 180°C, providing an effective shield against damage and dust for various products. It offers superior advantages over cardboard, particularly in the food and beverage industry, as it offers enhanced hygiene, convenience, and safety.

Plastic Rolls

Our expertise lies in the manufacturing of tailor-made plastic rolls, specifically designed to meet the unique requirements of our clients. Our product range includes both low-density and high-density materials, each possessing distinct characteristics and serving diverse applications.

Plastic Bags

Plastic bags, whether utilized in industrial applications or for food storage, are produced using high-density or low-density materials of excellent quality. During the manufacturing process, the bags are created in various sizes, starting from 15 cm, for both high-density and low-density variants.

Tubular Net

PE mesh bags are commonly employed for packaging purposes, particularly in the produce and specialty markets. We provide a variety of woven mesh bags in different colors and sizes. These bags are lightweight but also resilient, making them an ideal option for packing various products.