Shrink Film Polyethylene

Polyethylene shrink film, manufactured using LDPE materials, is a robust packaging film employed for collective packaging purposes. It finds applications in a wide range of products, including paper, doors, beverages, bottles, building materials, decorative items, home appliances, textiles, garments, and other industrial goods.


Indeed, many people commonly utilize LDPE collation shrink film for the grouping and packaging of goods. Once you subject the film to heat, typically around 180°C, it undergoes shrinkage, snugly enveloping the product’s surface. Consequently, this not only ensures protection against dust and physical damage but also significantly enhances the convenience of transportation and handling.


When you compare it to traditional cartons, collation shrink film stands out as a more sanitary, user-friendly, and secure packaging solution for beverages and food items. Additionally, it excels in terms of exceptional shrinkability, toughness, puncture resistance, and ease of handling.




Material: PE
Type Shrink Film
Usage: Packaging Film
Application:  To protect the products juice, soda, drinks, and other food and beverage items.
Feature: Moisture proof
Hardness: Soft
Processing: Blow Molding
Certificates: IS09001:2015, IS022000
Environmental protection:
etc. non-toxic
Thickness: 40mic〜120mic, Customized
Width: 250mm-1800mm, Customized
Weight(G.W.): 8〜40kg,Customized
Length: Customized: Customized
Printing Customized Printed
Brand Name  Pack House / OEM
Paper Core: 3 inch
Paper Core Weight: 0.8kg〜2kg
Packing: Pallet packaging

Benefits of LDPE Shrink Wrap for Packaging

High holding strength
Our collation shrink film are designed for superior strength and consistent performance without relaxation. Tighter packs with


 improved load holding ensure your products reach the shelf in the best condition.
Perfect Advertising Medium
Our collation shrink film is characterized by its high gloss, high transparency. Keep multi-pack products on full display with imprinted film and let the product inside stand out on that shelf
Shrink bundling film reduces the amount of packaging required, delivering a reduced carbon impact ,due to its light-weight and cost effectiveness. It has replaced corrugated boxes as the preferred packaging for a variety of items ranging from plastic bottles to canned beverage.


Supply Ability
Supply Ability 150Ton/Tons per Month

To better ensure the safety of your goods, professional, environmentally friendly, convenient and efficient packaging services will be provided.

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