Polyolefin shrink film

Polyolefin shrink film is a highly regarded plastic material widely utilized for packaging purposes due to its rapid shrinkage, transparency, brightness, resistance to breakage, impacts, and tears. It is particularly well-suited for food packaging, conforming seamlessly to the shape of the product and delivering robust, wrinkle-free seals. Additionally, it possesses the capability to undergo treatments such as corona treatment, anti-fog treatment, and customized printing.


Polyolefin shrink film exhibits exceptional elasticity, conforming flawlessly to the surface of the packaged product. It ensures strong seals, a smooth appearance, and a wrinkle-free finish. This type of film is ideal for promotional bundles and the grouping of products with varying sizes and shapes.

Polyolefin shrink film








It can undergo treatments to enhance ink adhesion, offer anti-fog properties, and facilitate personalized printing.

Polyolefin shrink film



Versatile Use of Polyolefin Shrink Film in Various Industries

Polyolefin shrink film, a versatile material, is widely used in various industries. Various sectors often utilize this film to bundle retail items like kitchenware, promotions, CDs, DVDs, frames, moldings, and toys. Additionally, it plays a crucial role in delicately packaging goods such as paper rolls, eggs, frozen products, chocolates, cookies, meat, pizzas, bread, and pastries. Its adaptability and capacity to offer secure and attractive packaging make Polyolefin shrink film a popular choice across a wide spectrum of products and industries.


Product Description

Our products are crafted from Polyolefin shrink film, a versatile material renowned for its numerous advantages, including:

– To begin with, customizability to meet size and thickness requirements.
– Furthermore, it exhibits excellent heat-induced shrinkage.
– Additionally, there is the absence of any odor during use.
– Moreover, it offers remarkable clarity and transparency.
– Additionally, it provides flexibility and adaptability.
– Furthermore, it boasts high resistance to punctures and tears.
– Not to mention its purity, being free from contaminants.
– Lastly, it ensures safety and hygiene for food contact.

Polyolefin shrink film’s versatility extends across diverse industries and applications. It excels at creating secure, tight seals, thereby elevating product presentation and protection. Whether you’re bundling items for promotions, packaging delicate goods, or ensuring food freshness and safety, this material proves its worth.

Furthermore, Polyolefin shrink film embraces environmental consciousness by being recyclable and reducing excess packaging material, thus contributing to sustainability initiatives. Its cost-effectiveness and efficiency scale seamlessly for businesses seeking dependable and eco-friendly packaging solutions.


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